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Stop Foreclosure!
Don't Lose More Than You Have To
-- or Don't Lose Anything At All

How to lose as little as possible or nothing at all - even come out ahead - with options you may not know you have and strategies you can move forward with...

how to stop foreclosureSince you're still hearing about the unprecedented number of foreclosures in the news, it's no mystery that government programs and banks are not solving the problem. The skyrocketing number of foreclosures are still devastating untold numbers of people personally and financially.

If you're dealing with the threat of foreclosure, or in a debt-related financial predicament, then this article is for you.

Are you one of these homeowners:

I'm struggling to make my house payment every month, am already in default, or have a foreclosure date. I don't know what to do and just wish it would go away...
I hear about so many people who stop foreclosure AND get incredibly low rates from a loan modification. I want one too, but I don't know how to do it and don't want to blow my chances...
I wish I could prevent foreclosure, but I don't even care anymore. I want to walk away, but I'm nervous that I could get into even more trouble - like the bank coming after me with a lawsuit for repayment or a big tax bill...
I am drowning in credit card debt and/or I have this huge second mortgage. I've heard banks are allowing people to settle for 10 to 30 percent of what they owe or completely forgiving the debt. But I'm afraid to call or have no idea what to say. How can I get rid of this debt once and for all, and not have the bank come after me for repayment?

The sad reality is that people who are experiencing any of the above or similar situations are losing to foreclosure and other creditors while the banks and investors are winning. Even more tragic, this unfair advantage comes at the expense of too many regular people -- maybe even you -- who just didn't get the information to properly deal with such confusing, unfamiliar problems.

Only if you know what to do during and after foreclosure will you avoid losing everything … and diminish what could be a brutal blow to you and your family...

Unbeknownst to most people ... this pain and great loss does NOT have to happen. In many cases, you can stop foreclosure or at least avoid losing more than you have to. You just need to understand what options you actually have and the people and processes that can help you resolve these issues once and for all without creating additional problems.

"You were a life saver..."

"I can't thank you enough for helping me. It's hard to believe I'm paying $1,300 less for my house and it's fixed for good. What a relief! Thank you so much for getting me and my family out of these really confusing and scary times."

--Stacey, Oregon

*NOTE: All testimonials are from actual people with original letters on file.

Knowing What To Do - and NOT To Do -
Helps You Lessen or Avoid Loss and Risk

Most people simply don't know what to do to prevent foreclosure or aren't sure about what they hear. They scour the internet for information and talk to every "expert" for solutions. Instantly there is information overload. It's often conflicting and incomplete and makes trying to solve a foreclosure problem even more confusing.

The problem is, that even if you're getting good advice now, there can be holes in that advice because it's only from one expert. What most people don't know is that you cannot count on just one person for all the answers. Unfortunately, what you miss could cost you dearly later on.

With all this confusion and doubt - and so many scams -- it's no wonder people get so frustrated and give up. But ... if you do this, you will probably lose more than you had to.

Often a foreclosure can cost you way more than just your house. One or all of these additional problems can show up during or after the foreclosure and may be more painful and costly than the foreclosure itself, such as:

  • Legal problems and future lawsuits...

  • Other creditors that come after you for repayment (like Home Owners Associations, your second mortgage lender, etc.)...

  • Great financial loss after draining your savings, IRA accounts, selling stock, etc., to stay afloat or pay for mortgage(s) you can't afford...

  • Fines, fees, and tax penalties you weren't expecting...

  • Credit damage for years. Banks slashing the spending limits of the credit cards you now have in your wallet or closing them completely, leaving you with no credit to float your spending...

Too many people lose everything in foreclosure only to later realize they could have saved more -- their house, money, credit -- if they'd just known what to do.

When you're in danger of foreclosure, you can't possibly sift through the massive amount of information out there -- let alone make sense of it. And you cannot afford bad advice right now.

In fact, if you've received a Notice of Default or Les Pendens, you now have very little time (about 90 days) to understand what's going on and solve your foreclosure problem as fast as possible.

There are ways to postpone foreclosure while you get different strategies working for you. In fact there are actually many ways to avoid foreclosure -- and even come out ahead.

"Your Help Saved My Life..."

"What can I say but that you saved my life? I felt like no one could help me and I didn't know where else to turn. I felt like I was drowning.

We were so overwhelmed by all the expenses and foreclosure threats from our bank that we'd given up. We were angry and sad at the same time. 'Fine!' we said. 'You can just have it back!"

After your suggestions got me through to a loan modification, it was like a miracle. You saved my house and over $1,000 a month! I still can't believe someone actually knew what to do and could turn my situation around within a month."

--Theresa C., San Diego, CA

Who Am I And Why Should You Believe Me?

My name is Elin Bullmann and I've been in your shoes … dealing with foreclosure and financial hardship.

I've been through foreclosure firsthand, succeeded in many modifications, short sales, avoiding lawsuits, taxes on deficiencies, and not letting go of money I didn't have to - even though the bank said I owed it. I not only survived foreclosure, but avoided other losses that would have cost me dearly if I didn't have the right information and expert help.

I've helped so many people get out of foreclosure, especially through successful loan modification and elimination of debt.

In the time since I've been helping people deal with foreclosure and financial hardship, the most frequent comment I get is this...

 "I Wish I Had Your Advice Sooner"

"I wish I had your advice sooner so I could have tried more things that might have helped me avoid my foreclosure ... and gotten the advice of these experts instead of thinking there was nothing I could do. How I dealt with my foreclosure and the way things turned out could have been a lot different if only I would have had this information sooner."

The difference between me and many others who have faced foreclosure is that I didn't want to wonder if I could have or should have done something after it was too late.

Instead, I worked side-by-side with a TEAM of top-notch experts and I continue to do so to this day -- and am privy to comprehensive expert information and advice that no one person can tell you.

I'm probably not so different from you or someone you know going through foreclosure. When my husband and I found ourselves facing foreclosure, we had that "deer in the headlight" look. We stumbled through each day and were way in over our head. We had no idea how to start dealing with all the problems our hardship was causing.

We needed help. But … our realtor couldn't sell our house or our rental houses in such an upside-down market. Our property manager couldn't rent it. Our mortgage broker couldn't refinance it.

This was a scary realization -- that almost every professional that helped us get in this situation could not help us get out!

I knew someone out there had to know how to get me out of this! Actually, what I found out is there were many -- it wasn't just one. I came to realize one expert was not enough ... I needed MANY different experts that, together, provided the best solution.

Every Expert You Need In ONE Place

No Other Resource Like This

stop foreclosure

After years of research and working directly with a team of trustworthy experts (about the experts) I documented all of this into an eBook (electronic book that downloads to your computer) called Survive Your Foreclosure or Avoid It Altogether.

The major difference between this resource and all others is that it contains comprehensive advice from not one, not two, or even three experts ... but from dozens of experts who help people get through their foreclosure and financial hardship problems everyday.

For the first time, this sound and straight advice is in one place -- so people can understand all of their options, risks, and strategically move forward with a plan. Even today, I continue to research and work with experts to keep the information current.

This culmination of information, advice, forms, flowcharts, worksheets, timelines, lists, and other resources covers virtually every aspect of foreclosure and is unlike any other resource. These are all the experts you NEED to talk to when facing forecloure or debt-related financial issues.

These experts and I compiled legal, financial, tax, credit, mortgage modification, bankruptcy, debt settlement, and other essential information and strategies you need to stop foreclosure, deal with deficiencies and judgments, and financial hardship. Plus, how to avoid surprise hits from a financial, tax, legal, credit or other direction you may not realize could be coming with decisions you make -- or don't make.

In fact, the tax advice in this eBook is so complete, you should not have to hire a CPA at all, unless you have special circumstances. However since I include the names and phone numbers to all the experts, you can just pick up the phone and call them for more help.

I've included many viable, perfectly legal strategies that are contrary to what many experts or advisors tell you, if they even will. I am absolutely shocked at what some "experts" tell people to do -- leaving out critical pieces or related pieces of information that could lead to costly mistakes or oversights -- now or later.

It's important to note that every technique and option presented in the book is 100% legal - unlike a lot of the advice you might get elsewhere.

I can't overemphasize the fact that the earlier you get the right information in your hands, the better -- even months before you think you might not be able to make your mortgage payments.

"We can finally breathe easier and stop panicking..."

"We got 2% for the next 5 years, then 3% year 6, then 4% year 7, then 4% on years 8-30! That lowered our payment by $450 a month. It's made all the difference in the world ... we can finally breathe easier and stop panicking."

Thank you for your help! I know our numbers would not have worked if not for you laying out every step so clearly for us to follow in your book! We're so glad we found you and did not just walk away like we were planning to do."

--Chris and Jennifer, Bend, Oregon


WARNING: Don't Try to Solve Foreclosure and Financial Hardship Without Reading This First!

stop foreclosure

This 240+ page, easy-to-follow guide is designed so that it can be read and understood by the regular layperson. It's like having hand-held instruction every step of the way.

When you get this resource in your hands, you'll have hours and hours of advice and coaching from top experts ... worth thousands of dollars that getting this same advice would normally cost you.

No doubt, having this information takes much of the fear out of your situation because you'll no longer be dealing with the unknown ... it spells out what you need to know and do for each strategy, including:

  • Who to call FIRST -- before you send anything into your bank -- so you can be as certain as it gets if you can qualify or not for a loan modification. If so, this is the expert help that will build a bullet-proof case, pre-qualify you, and PROVE to your bank you qualify for a modification (usually at a 2% rate).

  • Why you should NEVER, EVER, ignore a foreclosure lawsuit that may be served to you (and any lawsuit for that matter). What happens when you do, and believe it or not, most people do.

  • What foreclosure (loss) mitigation is and how it can turn your situation around. Find out if this is a strategy that will work for you and if not, what to do next. (see chapter 9)

  • What your best options are to try first, second, third, and so on. You'll be able to check off which ones might work for you and which ones won't until you find the solution that ends your foreclosure problems - saving you time and money. (see chapters 11 and 12)

  • The systems behind loan modification - how to prepare for loan modification, fill out your financial worksheet and write your hardship letter so you don't talk yourself out of your own modification! Increase your chances so you not only qualify for loan modification but lock in record low rates (2%). What to expect from your case manager, analyst, and underwriter; what to ask for and one of the most common mistakes people make that can blow an approved modification offer you have in your hands in one split second. (see chapter 10)

  • Use one of several hardship letters templates to write your own letter in seconds. Simply cut and paste the text and edit. These are actual letters (minus the personal information) that helped real people get approved for modifications that would blow your mind. I’ve already written the letters, now I give them to you as a framework to follow. Just plug in your own information! This will substantially cut your confusion of what to write and give you the advantage of using a letter that proved to get people modifications. (see chapter 10)

  • Use the sample 2nd mortgage settlement letter included in the book to write your own in seconds. Who to call to negotiate the settlement of your 2nd mortgage FOR you -- with a 99% chance of getting it settled in your favor. Plus, get instruction from attorneys and representatives from bank Settlement and Recovery departments that can help you understand how to settle for a fraction of what you owe on a second mortgage or have it completely forgiven so you owe nothing. (see chapter 10)

  • How to determine if you should foreclose or short sell - and avoid an ugly surprise later that can cost you big time...

  • How to settle high credit card debt or other debt you have. Attorneys give you the inside scoop on how to settle for 10-30% or less of what you owe, without worrying about lawsuits for repayment or garnished wages.
  • The Making Home Affordable Program (HAMP) and how to know if you qualify. How to apply and common issues? Who to call to GREATLY improve your chances of getting an approved HAMP loan. (see chapter 18)

  • How to get your lender to stop calling and harassing you day and night. Discover a little-known secret that forces them by law to stop calling you! A simple template you copy and fax to your bank immediately stops the harassment. (see chapter 5)

  • What to do when your second mortgage lender threatens to foreclose on your house. How to outsmart your second mortgage lender and determine your risk when trying to get rid of or stop paying your Home Equity Line of Credit or other second mortgage. (see chapter 12)

  • How to legally live in your house for a year or more without payments while you work out a solution. How to take advantage of saving this money without risk. (see chapter 12-13)

  • The nuts and bolts of short sale and how you can increase your chances of using this option to avoid foreclosure by over 90%. Insider information and expert tips on what makes or breaks a short sale. Why it won't cost you a dime for help from one of the top short sale experts in the country. (see chapter 12)

  • How to pay nothing if you choose to get help from people offering services such as foreclosure mitigation, loan modification, or short sale. Beware of companies charging high fees, or fees "equal to one month's mortgage payment" for these and other services.

  • Where to find trustworthy experts who can work on a solution to your foreclosure problems while you're at work - at no out-of-pocket cost to you. (see chapter 16)

  • Many people who have mortgage problems, also have debt issues they're drowning in. Find out how to eliminate 50% of what you owe without a penny up front - and get easily setup with an affordable program you can finally deal with.

  • Common scams and how to recognize them so you avoid getting taken advantage of and losing money. How scammers find you and what they really want -- know this so you can protect yourself!(see chapter 14)

  • When you may want to consider bankruptcy and how the process works. The difference between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 and if one could be the best solution in your situation. Discover a little-known provision in bankruptcy law that stops your foreclosure immediately, and a plan that can help you afford to stay in your house. (see chapters 11 & 12)

  • What legal issues you need to be concerned about, if your lender or any other creditor has the right to sue you, and when you do and don't have to repay if you foreclose or short sell. (see chapters 2 & 13)

  • What tax obligations you have if you foreclose, short sell, file bankruptcy, or choose other options. The exact tax forms you need to file and when. Simply print and complete following step-by-step instruction from a highly qualified tax strategist! (see chapters 13 and 18)

  • What new legislation and programs can help protect you and get you out of trouble. How to qualify and if you don't, what to do next. (see chapter 13)

  • Why your loan payments doubled or even tripled. What all those numbers in your loan documents really mean and how knowing these critical loan terms can save you from paying more than you have to. (see chapter 6)

  • How to make sure you're getting the best loan and mortgage rates possible, and how to avoid being taken advantage of by jacked-up points and commissions you didn't even know get added in. This information is invaluable to know any time you take out a loan. (see chapter 6)

  • What you can do to keep your relationship intact during foreclosure and any other crisis you'll encounter in your life. (see chapter 8)

  • What to do when it's all over. How to repair your credit and ways to rebuild your life faster … so you and your family can move on and get back to normal. (see chapters 13, 19, & 20)

  • And so much more! See Table of Contents


Advice Worth Thousands of Dollars
in Expert Consultation

This eBook costs only a fraction of a single hour's consultation with just one expert. An attorney is about $300 an hour and a CPA is about $150 an hour, but you get the best advice from both experts and dozens of other experts all in one eBook for $39.99.

You'll save money and time in not having to consult with attorneys, CPAs, foreclosure mitigators, short sale companies, credit experts, and other expensive help.

If you think logically about the situation: Just like it would be difficult for you to maximize your tax return deductions without the aid of a qualified CPA or tax preparer, so will it be difficult to deal with the threat of foreclosure without the help of qualified experts who can help you avoid loss and future problems.

In one place, you'll have what you need to know from the experts you need to be listening to, including:
  • Foreclosure (loss) mitigators

  • Short sale specialists

  • Tax strategists/Certified Public Accountants (CPA)

  • Attorneys that work in short sale, real estate, bankruptcy law, and with lenders

  • Real estate agents with expertise in short sale and foreclosure postponement

  • Senior mortgage consultants

  • Loan modification advisors, case managers, and analysts

  • Senior VP's from Bank of America and a senior mortgage consultant from Chase Home Loans

  • Lease option experts

  • Credit repair specialists

  • Financial planners

  • Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)

These experts walk you through:

  • 26 serious problem areas that most people get stuck in

  • 35 legal issues you must know when considering foreclosure, short sale, or bankruptcy

  • Over 100 ways to increase your chances for loan modification

  • 27 tax laws, tips, and must-do's

  • 12 ways to hold onto money you should never have to give up

  • 18 short sale misconceptions and how to increase your chances for approval

  • 19 credit damage facts and the top 10 ways to repair your credit fast

  • 32 ways to get through this and any other crisis without losing or damaging your relationship

  • 27 mortgage facts no one tells you; how to never get yourself into a bad loan again

  • 7 foreclosure scams revealed and how to avoid them

  • 4 real-life stories and how others avoided foreclosure


"Cleared Up The Confusion"

"I have read your book and it is great! It was exactly what I needed to help me figure out what to do ...

I highly recommend it to anyone who needs to quickly get up to speed on foreclosure and what to look out for. It cleared up the confusion about foreclosure laws, taxes, and especially about loan modification and short sale. I wasn't interested in bankruptcy, but that chapter was easy to understand and impressive because it was like bankruptcy education in a box!

I would have spent thousands of dollars for the same advice that I got in just a couple of days reading this book. The information was so good and there was so much of it, that I found myself ripping through it over and over as I took notes on what to do in my own situation."

--Ken P., homeowner, Northern California


FREE GIFT: Couples in Crisis eBook!

stop foreclosure in CaliforniaOne thing I realized early on is that if you don't work together with your spouse to survive foreclosure and move on, you're both less likely to succeed - or stay married.

That's why I asked Bob Grant - The Relationship Doctor - to give his best advice for couples going through foreclosure and financial hardship in this eBook. You get advice equal to 4 hours of counseling advice and exercises (worth $500) absolutely free when you get this eBook.

Bob Grant, a Licensed Professional Counselor and author for over 25 years, wrote Couples in Crisis especially for you and I. His advice is devoted to helping you deal with any crisis situation, like foreclosure and financial hardship. He shows you how to keep your relationship intact ... and come out stronger than before hardship. These lessons and exercises can not only help you today, but for the rest of your life whenever you need to get through troubled times.stop foreclosure in Texas

Dr. Grant helped me through troubled times, and so did all of the experts in this eBook. Because I didn't know who to turn to or trust when I needed answers, I know how valuable it is to have someone to talk to ... someone you can trust. That's why Chapter 15 tells you about the expert and where to get a hold of them if you feel the need.

If you have questions during or after you read this book, just pick up the phone and call.

How Much is Your Future Worth to You?

You've probably heard other people (maybe even you) say, "I don't care anymore! Just let the darn thing foreclose." I'll tell you why that kind of thinking is not in your best interest and the economic opportunity you're giving up when you walk away too soon.

I assure you that just because you're facing foreclosure, it does not mean you have to lose everything you've worked so hard for. This eBook shows you how it's possible to avoid losing more than you have to -- even if you think your situation is hopeless.

How much would you pay to have this kind of resource at your side helping you right now? I would have paid hundreds of dollars for this eBook when I was going through foreclosure and had no idea what to do. But this eBook didn't exist back then.

You, on the other hand, have easy access to all of this information and advice in one place for one very low price - only $39.99! Owning this eBook is like having many experts sitting right in front of you for less than a tank of gas!

Isn't $39.99 worth putting your frantic search for help to an end. Heck ... that's less than the cost of one trip to the movies and popcorn for a family of 4!

Without this resource in your hands, how long do you think it would take to gather all of this information and figure out what to do with it?

avoid foreclosureHow much money and time do you think you'd spend trying to find this level of qualified advice, meet with attorneys, tax experts, financial advisors, etc., and different services that might not even help? Take your situation into your own hands and control it - instead of being lost in confusion or thinking you have no choices.

"Your Book Can Help Countless Homeowners..."

"Your book can help countless homeowners in this market where so many times we're not able to get their house sold. As realtors, we often feel powerless - like there's no other way we can help our clients out of a bad situation.

After I read your book and learned that there really are so many things a homeowner can do to avoid financial hardship and foreclosure, I recommend your book to my clients as a guide to help them through their foreclosure-related problems. They tell me it helps them sleep better at night!"

-- P. Munster, real estate broker of 32 years
San Diego, CA

I am so sure that this eBook will help you through your ordeal with more clarity and confidence that I give you a 100% money-back guarantee.  

If you don't agree that this eBook gives you pages and pages of insightful information and solid expert advice, simply return it for a full refund within 60 days.

Don't delay. Whether your foreclosure date is in 2 weeks, or you think it might be hard to make your next mortgage payment, you can postpone foreclosure, avoid it altogether, and cut your losses while you still have time.

Click the link below for an instant download of How to SURVIVE Foreclosure or AVOID it Altogether. Once your credit card is approved for only $39.99, you will be taken to a special download page where you simply click to download, save it to your computer, and find your free "Couples in Crisis" eBook in Chapter 7.  

prevent foreclosure

All the best,

Elin Bullmann

Author, Consultant/Advice Coach, and College Instructor on
How to SURVIVE Foreclosure or AVOID it Altogether

Have questions? Email me at or call me at 541-388-2156.

Why do I do this? It's not my primary job, but it's a way I can give back. I help people because I can, I know how, and it's the right thing to do. It kills me to see another family on the news who just lost their home -- and they probably didn't have to! It makes me sick to see the huge number of foreclosures across the country happening every month -- just because people don't know what to do or attempt a strategy and get it wrong.


Millions of homes are still in some stage of default or foreclosure ... and still no end in sight. Did you know you have many options and there are many strategies to avoid foreclosure?

No matter where you are, there are ways you can stop foreclosure or at least cut your losses. Get the foreclosure timeline and strategies to avoid foreclosure here





























"Bank of America finally settled with me! I owed $30,000 and they will settle for $13,700! That's a huge monthly expense you just helped me get rid of. What a relief ."

Sue M., Bend, Oregon













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